What To Pack For The Philippines

Checklist as PDF

Dear Guests, for an enjoyable, safe and unforgettable holiday in the Philippines, we have prepared a travel check list – which, we are proud to say, is often copied by other resorts.

• Travel Documents

This means passport, Visa, tickets, rail cards and everything else you might need. Even if you have received electronic tickets via email, we recommend to still print them out. Keep your passport safe and accessible. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the day you will return home. A Philippine Tourist Visa is valid for 30 days currently (as of April 2015). For longer stays you should apply for a visa in advance or go to the Department of Foreign Affairs (Philippines) for information on extending your Visa.
Attention! Copy all your documents or, even better, scan them and upload them to an online storage of your preference such as Dropbox or Google Drive. In this way you will always have access to it and can’t lose or forget anything.

• Money

The most important thing is cash. Money (Euros and US-Dollars) may already be exchanged at the airport but we suggest that you wait until you arrive at the resort since we know of the best agencies with good exchange rates. Of course, you can also use credit cards but please keep in mind that charges here on the Philippines can easily be up to 6 %.

• Medicines & Vaccination Certificate

Copy your vaccination certificate and leave the original back home. If you go to your family physician before traveling, your physician can provide you with information about necessary vaccinations. Also ask for a first aid kit; it’s a good idea to only take the most important and easiest things with you.

• Camera and Chargers

Please do not bring disposable batteries into the country. There is no functioning waste separation system. Rechargeable batteries and chargers are cheaper in the long term anyway.

• Cell Phone

Using European suppliers to make calls from the Philippines will be very expensive but you can buy prepaid cards for cheaper calls here. However, you should check in advance whether your phone is unlocked for non-European countries.

• Sunscreen

A strong sun protection factor combined with good European quality will protect you from the strong tropical sun. There is almost always “Bleach” in every sunscreen you can get here but who wants to be bright white after a holiday in the sun? 🙂

• Flashlight

A must-have not only for adventurers, especially if you are in the Philippines. There are parts in the country where there might be roads or paths which are not properly lit. Your flashlight will come in handy in these areas. The Philippines are also known for power outages which the locals call “brown outs”. These power outages may last from a few minutes to several hours so it’s best to be prepared.

• The Right Clothes

During your flight it can sometimes be cold. You will appreciate bundling up in a sweater and a pair of trousers to avoid chilblains during your long flight. You might also want to quickly change into light summer clothes once you arrive at the airport because as soon as you open those airport doors, the warm tropical weather will welcome you. Also, since there is much to see in the Philippines, it would be best to bring sturdy shoes for a country trip.

• Airport Taxes

You have to pay 750 Philippines Pesos in airport taxes (terminal fee) on your way back home. The authorities at the airport are happy if you have the exact amount with you and they do not like it when you need to go find some change. You should also have 200 Philippine Pesos more with you just in case of a short-term increase of the tax.

You are welcome to copy, print, re-use or publish this checklist.
Of course, we would highly appreciate to be credited as the scource when you do (e.g. with a link to our website or by mentioning our URL).

Thank you very much!