Scuba Skills Update (Refresher)

3,450 ₱

Refresh your diving knowledge! In case you haven’t been diving for a while, this dive training programme is the perfect opportunity to update your scuba diving skills. This course includes 1 pool dive + 1 open water dive + academic.

Try Scuba

3,800 ₱

Try Scuba stands for trying a new adventure which is scuba diving! This course consists of 1 pool dive + 1 open water dive + academic.

Scuba Diver

12,800 ₱

Scuba Diver is the first step in your diving career. This course consists of 2 pool dives + 2 open water dives + academic.

Open Water Diver

20,700 ₱

Becoming an SSI Open Water Diver is the best way to start your scuba adventure due to worldwide recognition! This course consists of 3 parts: Academics, pool training and open water sessions; necessary rental diving equipment included.

Advanced Adventurer Diver

15,250 ₱

The SSI AAD includes the following SSI programs: Deep Diving, Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy, Night Diving and Boat Diving.

Enriched Air Nitrox (40 %)

3,000 ₱

In this course (price does not include dives) you will learn how to dive with Nitrox (oxygen level of 40 %). This skill is also required for higher level SSI ratings like Advanced Open Water Diver or Master Diver.


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