Explore Dive Spots In Cebu

At DIVE SPOT ASIA we offer you the opportunity to explore more than 40 dive spots like Kuransoy, Langillan and many more. 20 of these spots are located close to the resort. You will reach them with one of our boats after a maximum boat trip of 20 minutes. Each trip lasts about half a day including two to three dives.

We offer a vast variety of dive spots: wall dives, sloping reefs with sandy areas and coral blocks, shallow dives for all levels of education, but also deeper, partly current-exposed reefs for experienced divers.

Island hopping is available as well, and whether you would like to go on a trip for one or more days we certainly offer something that will suit you if weather and dive plan allow it. In these areas we also have more than 20 different dive spots to explore.

Two Tank Dives: After about 10 minutes travel time with our banka or speedboat we can reach local dive spots around Alcoy. During the surface interval between 2 dives (max. 60 minutes dive time each) we offer drinking water, coffee and tea.

Halfday Trips: To reach the more distanced dive spots we use our big banka HIGALA. Traveling to the spots takes around 30 mintues. Our target destinations are Casay Reef and Angas near Argao in the North and Caceres Reef in the South. In between 2 dives (max. 60 minutes dive time) we offer drinking water, coffee and tea.

Day Trips: Explore the colorful reefs and beautiful shores of Sumilon, Balicasag or Cabilao. Travel time is around 90 minutes. The trips start early in the morning around 7 am and you will be back by 4 pm. During these trips we organize 2-3 dives. Food and beverages can be organized as well.

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Multi-Day Trips / Safaris: If you want to get more adventurous we offer overnight stays at Olango, Siquijor or Pamilacan (Bohol). You will have time to both go diving and enjoy nature. We will spend the nights under the stars in tents on the boat. This is a great way to enjoy nights on the boat in an easy and natural way. Picture this: you can have a few drinks, watch amazing sunsets and jump into the water from time to time. However, if staying onboard the boat overnight isn’t your preference you are also more than welcome to stay in one of the local resorts. Some of our safaris are only available with overnight stays on board, though. We call these trips “back to the roots”. We encourage you to enjoy this perfect mix of modern diving in a natural setting.

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Shore Dives: At our dive center we offer you shore dives right in front of the resort.
Shore dives are usually performed without guides and they have no time limit. But this requires a test dive upfront in order to check how fit you are. If required or requested there is a guide at your disposal. When diving with a guide the maximum diving time is 60 minutes.
The shore dives can also be organized with a small boat trip as drop dive (1-2 minutes trip) which requires you to dive back to the resort by yourself. We also offer drop and pickup dives (2-3 minutes trip) which means the boat will drop you off at the diving spot and picks you up again after a maximum of 60 minutes diving time.

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