Arriving in Cebu


The destination airport for your holiday with us is the Mactan-Cebu International Airport located in Mactan Island, Cebu City.

Upon arriving, the first thing you need to do is proceed to immigration to verify your Visa. The Philippine Tourist Visa is good for 30 days (as of February 2018) and it can be extended at any time. After you have arranged everything and once you have picked up your luggage you can now exit the airport.

If you have organized your transfer with us, our staff will be waiting at the airport exit carrying a sign with your name. So you will immediately know that DIVE SPOT ASIA is there to pick you up. You can either find them directly at the exit or across the street from the exit. Please approach our staff so they know who you are. Our team will take care of everything and provide you with some cold drinks for the trip to the resort.

You may also plan your journey to the resort by yourself. If you wish to do so, you have to take a taxi from the airport to the “South Bus Terminal” and there get on a bus to Bato / Oslob. Generally the bus drivers know the area very well and can tell you when you have to get off. Please make sure you have enough time for the trip and make sure the taxi is equipped with a taxi meter. From the airport to the South Bus Terminal it will usually take you around 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the traffic.

The trip from Cebu City to the resort will take about 3 hours. DIVE SPOT ASIA BEACH RESORT is located at the border of the towns Alcoy and Boljoon. The first Barangay in Boljoon is El Pardo, this is where you will find our resort.