Boat Dive Package Air – 10 Dives

Price: 14,150 ₱
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Price per person, each package valid for 1 person.

Discounts available!
Receive even higher discounts with our 15 or 20 dives packages!

15 Dives
20 Dives

Save 3,550 ₱ compared to 10 individual dives!

With this package (14,150 ₱ per person) you can dive 10 times during your stay with us. You can also use dives from your package during speedboat trips, daytrips and safaris or for completing SSI Specialties and Nitrox training.

Our boat dives are performed with regular air. If you are trained in Nitrox diving you may also choose to dive with Nitrox instead (see price list for extra costs). Included in the price are soft drinks, snack, coffee, tea, drinking water, guide and speedboat.

In case you’re also looking for accommodation don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for an individual offer.

Individual Offer

Diving Fees:
150 ₱ per day & person

Available Extras:
shuttle service, rental equipment (incl. Nitrox), night and early morning dives (only available locally at our dive center)

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